I'm Andy Roganson
and I have been a
licensed electrical contractor
since 1985. During the 80's,
most of my work was installing
electrical systems, lighting and
controls in new or remodeled custom
homes. During my early installations,
I realized that quite often the design plans
did not always reflect the best use of the
lighting potential, and a slight variation of
alignment or spacing could be more effective and
reflect more lighting onto and off of the surfaces
we wanted to light...
please read on...
...so I found the freedom I needed by founding my own company, Design Lighting &
Installations. Now I can demonstrate to my own customers the beneficial and artistic results
of lighting cabinets and walls instead of floors with artistically balanced light where the
source of the lighting is not visible!
I get the greatest satisfaction from my specialized design and installation of the most
innovative and dramatic low voltage outdoor lighting systems. I personally work with a Los
Angeles fixture manufacturer who follows my specifications and truly hand-makes fixtures
YOUR home.

All of my landscape designs and installations are engineered to provide the necessary
brightness needed to bring your environment to life. My clients say that they enjoy their
landscaping more at night while lit, than during the day. Dimming is a great additional tool
to fine tune your viewing and to manage energy consumption, and smart home technology
allows us to be more creative in the operation and control of your lighting system.
Andy Roganson
Lighting Designer & Electrical Contractor
Lic. #725747
(818) 222-8128
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• Expert Landscape Lighting by Skilled Professionals
• Using High Efficiency All Copper/Brass Fixtures
• Easy to Maintain & Easy to Modify
• Energy Management Planning
Halogen Up Lighting · Pathlighting · Spotlighting · Security Lighting
With my ability to have custom fixtures manufactured locally, and my capacity to custom
install a system within your budget, it allows me to insure that my clients get a system
that is second to none! There are many contractors who can install lighting, and you
certainly can pay more, but you will never get better for less!

Please give us a call or email today, and let's get to work creating a beautifully lit home
for you and your family!